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Top Tech Podcasts For Non-Technical Founders

Non-technical founders are frequently confronted with having to study era at the identical time as fundraising, main a group and working on a product. Podcasts are a terrific way for these busy people to find out about era and how their favored products get made.

There are four regions that non-technical founders want to understand as a way to work with their tech teams effectively: product control, design, improvement and user feedback. It additionally helps to learn about how recent successes have come to lifestyles.

Masters of Scale

LinkedIn cofounder and undertaking capitalist Reid Hoffman talks to founders of agencies, a lot of which are family names already, together with Reed Hastings of Netflix and Ev Williams of Twitter and Medium. This podcast has a robust Silicon Valley awareness, and it’s far well worth remembering that not all regions have the equal outlook to investment or making an investment in growth.

However, it’s far still a beneficial investigate how agencies and products are made from the begin. The questions Hoffman asks his visitors are understandable to an target market of smart those who hold close enterprise, however do now not have a technical historical past.

The episode with Brian Chesky of Airbnb is particularly beneficial in case you want to apprehend how to build a fantastic purchaser revel in right into a technology product.

Another podcast from Silicon Valley, however this time by using project capital company Andreessen Horowitz. This podcast focusses on how new technologies are shaping business and society.

As a venture investor, Andreessen Horowitz has to be inquisitive about whether or not a product works and can scale, as well as whether or not it has a genuine commercial enterprise case. This is a useful podcast which brings generation and commercial enterprise collectively.

IT Visionaries

On this podcast Chief Information Officers speak about what they do, their profession paths and how they see technology evolving in big companies. Even though the guests all work in Fortune 1000 groups, it’s far useful for non-technical founders to recognize how era helps and permits agencies, and who is worried.

If your agency has a business to commercial enterprise component, it is in all likelihood you’ll negotiate your contract with a CIO, so it is useful to learn how they think. Moreover, CIOs are also often answerable for integration after acquisition, so may additionally end up very crucial when you sell your employer.

The episode with Zuora CIO Alvina Antar changed into specifically insightful on put up acquisition integration and the way big organizations ought to technique technology acquisitions.

The Product Podcast from The Product School

Product control is the primary factor that non-technical founders need to familiarize themselves with. The product supervisor is known as the CEO of the product, and in a startup, the CEO regularly performs the product supervisor position. The product supervisor’s job is to make certain that the products being made are what customers definitely need and that they’ve a possible industrial destiny.

The Product Podcast interviews product managers approximately what they do, who they interact with and the way they got began on this profession. The product management function is evolving speedy, and differs substantially between startups and large organizations. This is a useful podcast to hold on taking note of as your organization grows, due to the fact you could see how the product function evolves as organizations scale.

UX Podcast

User experience design mixes design, generation and psychology to make useful merchandise people experience the usage of. This podcast helps you apprehend how consumer experience designers think. Since consumer enjoy designers paintings with product managers and developers, so this podcast collection helps entire the learnings from the podcasts above.

Even when you have no goal of turning into a fashion designer, this is a beneficial display to understand how designers get skilled, so that you realize the way to hire them and paintings with them efficiently.

The episode on cross disciplinary collaboration with Becki Hyde, Design Practice Lead at Pivotal, is a good location to begin to recognize how the paintings of designers suits into the wider product group.

Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

This podcast is sort of a dummies’ guide to technology, with episodes explaining simple tech standards, consisting of what a web area is and why you need one. Each episode is not any greater than 10 mins lengthy. Sadly, the podcast has no longer had any new episodes on account that 2016, and while that could be a long term in the international of generation, when you have no idea in any respect approximately how the net works, this has some excellent introductory periods.

Technology and patron tastes are converting fast, so the best founders, developers and architects are continuously gaining knowledge of from each other. Podcasts are a very good manner to supplement your studying and notice how the goods you use each day get constructed.

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